In The Navy
 More Than a Woman
 To Love Somebody
 alessi sad songs
 anne anderson last dance
 anne murray nobody loves me like you do
 benjamin orr stay the night
 benny mardones into the night
 blue magic stop to start
 century gonne with the winner
 cheryl dilcker so sad
 chris de burgh i will
 climax blues band i love you
 david castle you re to far way
 dollar i need your love
 don t look back the korgis
 freddie jackson you are my lady
 genghis khan komm dock heim
 hamilton joe frank e reynolds fallin in love
 ivana spagna only words
 jimmy buffett survive
 lane brody over you
 little texas my love
 maurice white i need you
 mick fleetwood you weren t in love
 nancy lee shed my love
 nikka costa i believe in love
 pussycat blue light my eyes
 regina belle e jeffery osborne far longer than forever
 robert john sad eyes
 robin gibb gone with the wind
 sally oldfield mirrors
 sandra seal it forever
 silvering you
 soraya suddenly
 stevie nicks garbo
 the hollies lonely hobo lullabye
 tin tin teast and marmelade for tea


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